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Without local security, there is no national security

To deliver technology that

enhances emergency response professionals’ ability

to protect our communities

To deliver video technology solutions that

enable effective collection and efficient management

of evidentiary information

About Us
ICOP is a Safety Vision Company. Safety Vision, LLC, is headquartered in Houston, TX and ICOP maintains a branch office in Lenexa, KS.

ICOP is a leading provider of mobile video solutions for Law Enforcement, Military, and Homeland Security markets, worldwide. ICOP solutions help the public and private sectors improve security, reduce losses, and mitigate risks through the capture, live streaming and secure management of high quality video and audio.

The Company’s solutions for the public and private sectors are community-centric in design, with a focus on interoperability and public safety. Since the launch of our flagship product the ICOP Model 20/20® and its successors, the ICOP Model 20/20®-W and ICOP 20/20 VISION, ICOP continues to pioneer sophisticated security solutions capable of advancing the security of communities. ICOP has expanded its scope and presence across markets utilizing a network of direct and indirect sales organizations, and key strategic partners.