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The ICOP 20/20 VISION™ brings the award-winning functionality

of the ICOP Model 20/20®-W to your MDT!

     The ICOP 20/20 VISION:

Operates without the MDT/MDC in the event of an MDT/MDC power loss or failure

Initiates recording via quick keys, touch screen or auxiliary record/mark/stop trigger

Provides full audio and video to the MDT/MDC (or optionally other external audio output) if desired

Offers complete variable video window resizing

Displays high quality video with no noticeable image delay

Installs easily and provides great flexibility in mounting options

Fully compatible with Windows XP and Vista

Provides complete ICOP Model 20/20-W DVR functionality through your MDT/MDC, via touch screen or keyboard interface, including:

Officer-safe installation options - can mount in standard (AM/FM) radio slot (nothing in the trunk); alternative mounting locations are also available

40 GB vehicle-grade, removable hard drive or 32 GB solid state drive, in shock-resistant case, providing up to 16 hours of real-time recording in high-resolution mode (30 fps)


Infrared back seat camera

Built-in AM/FM radio with 15 presets

Removable vehicle-grade hard drive or solid state drive in shock resistant case

Capable of recording directly to DVD in vehicle

Support for video multiple upload methods: removable hard drive, wireless (using 802.11g) or ethernet

High quality, high resolution video capture (D1, full VGA or 1CIF, at 30, 15 or 10 fps) on each camera

Operates up to 3 cameras and 3 audio sources; records up to 2 cameras simultaneously

Built-in GPS, with continuous lat/long display; also provide GPS data output

Multiple activation triggers – manual, or automatic in conjunction with lights, siren or wireless microphone, collision, or up to three additional auxiliary input

In-vehicle classification codes (customizable by system adminstrators), for easy video search and retrieval

"Mark" exact event locations (with GPS)

Support for multiple languages


Radar, speedometer and brake connection interfaces (where compatible)

Proprietary software prevents unauthorized access and editing of video and protects Chain of Custody

Pre-event recording of up to 60 seconds (with 2 cameras simultaneously)

ICOP Model 20/20-W software updates are performed through hard drive re-insertion or via USB Port

Password-protected electronic lock on faceplate

Easy-to-use menus for customized setup

Superior ICOP EXTREME Wireless Mic™ - uses 900 MHz transceiver, with automatic activation (minimum 2,000 feetrange, line of sight)

The wireless microphone uses frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) narrow band FM, providing excellent privacy, security, and interference avoidance

Officer "HELP" button sends alert to dispatch, with GPS coordinates and Vehicle ID (where compatible)

Dual-channel audio with independent playback (external and internal microphone)

Dual microphone ICOP EXTREME Mic base charges up to two mics

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